Technical information on Canvas Application
Application Canvas Application
Industries Software Development
Company Size 2-10 employees
Headquarters Indianapolis, Indiana
Type Privately Held
Founded 2016
Specialties Human Resources Technology and Business Productivity Software


About Canvas Application

Instructure is an educational technology company in Salt lake city, Utah. It is a massive online course platform(MOOC). Instructure was created to support the new learning management system. The founders changed the name of the software to canvas. Canvas is being used in more than 3000 universities all over the world. As canvas was built using Ruby on Rails by PostgreSQL database. In 2011 canvas launched the iOS app, and an android application was released in 2013. In the 2016 mobile application for parents as canvas, the parent is released for Android and iOS.

Canvas is a student application that is used to access courses and groups. Also, a student can submit assignments, participate in the discussion, can view course calendars. We need to log in to access the canvas application, as it’s available for Android and iOS devices. Students can access courses and groups from the dashboard icon displayed on the page. Students can view details of assignments, quizzes, and discussions, and they can submit them from the app. To access calendars, students need to tap on the navigation bar.

Features of Canvas:

Canvas will always add some innovative features to make their site experience novel.

Comprehensive With No-limit Integration:

Canvas LMS has helped to set up a 1:1 initiative with Chromebooks and pads with more than fifty thousand users. This architecture is limitless.

Curate Learning Pathways:

A portfolio of students where their education can be mapped out and curated on canvas. Achievements can be calculated, including non-traditional evidence of learning.

Reliable Connectivity:

Canvas has a cloud-based architecture that supports reliable connectivity and real-time data updates. Canvas offers 99.9% uptime per SLA, and the amazon web service hosts it.

Pros of Canvas App

  • There are multiple advantages to using the canvas application for students and faculty, and the list is given below. It has a clean interface as it’s straightforward, and it’s organized with a simple architecture.

  • Canvas is easy to navigate as the courses can be built quickly and consistently by the instructors. Speed grade is a feature that allows the students to give feedback, making grading assignments much easier for the faculty.

  • The canvas application is effortless to access on a mobile device. It is a significant advantage for the students to access the tab as 50% of students use mobile devices and accounts. The students final grades as being viewed throughout the term, and students can include hypothetical stages.

  • Using LMS, students can take a proactive approach to group work, sharing documents, and hosting discussions. This tool helps students to stay organized, displaying assignments and due dates across all active courses. The canvas application has high speed as the amazon web service organizes it.

  • The service level agreement of canvas for the users is 99.9% Canvas is cloud-based, as there is no need to worry about updates, migrations, downloads, This application allows the users to add the latest technologies to the course, and there is a possibility to browse numerous LTI applications without LTI support

  • The canvas vendors will regularly ensure the security of the data by the security specialists The users of the canvas have access to API and security audits, and canvas LMS allows integration with third-party applications for data import and export
Cons of Canvas App

  • Programmed eraser of the task when the due date isn’t set at midnight.

  • Users in audio recording face technical issues.

  • Students of messages are recorded once the instructors provide replies.

  • Improvement is expected for the reviewing tools.
  • It only works efficiently for 10 group of people.
    Canvas is the best app on desktops, not tablets, and not mobile.

  • This app requires so many clicks to share data and files and takes so long.

  • This app is not reliable, and it has too often, there are issues uploading, editing, and navigating.
     How to install the canvas application on Android
  1. Download the canvas app on your Android device for more accessible and accessibility to course content.
  2. Open an app store on an android phone.
  3. Then search the canvas app in the search field, and tap the full name when it appears.
  4. Tap the installation button.
  5. View the canvas app download and install progress.
  6. Then the app has downloaded and installed onto your device, and it has access to the app immediately by tapping the open button.
  7. You and also open the app on your Android home screen by tapping the Canvas app icon.
  8. Though the website’s marketing suggests, it is not made for higher education.
  9. Canvas’s functionality here is limited, and it sometimes does not work at all.