Google Meet

Technical information
Application Google Meet
Initial release date 9 March 2017
Developer Google
Original author Google
License Freemium
Platform Android, iOS, World Wide Web
Programming languages Python, HTML, JavaScript, Sass


About the Google Meet Application

Video conferencing is available to everyone on Google Meet. Google Meet application is a video conference-calling platform used by professionals. Google meet is also a superb Application.
Google Meet, also known as Google Hangouts Meet, links remote colleagues together for real-time interaction. With the interaction in Google Meet calls, up to 25 people can speak and share videos simultaneously. If you G meet, you can subscribe to a higher Google Meet app in membership tiers; the number of people who join a call goes up to 50 or 100.
The Google Meet platform does not work on all web browsers. It won’t function on safari; for example, it works best in Google Chrome. You can download it and feel a great experience.
Google Meet is used for businesses and other organizations and mainly for colleagues to communicate. The meeting creator can send the link, which you must click once to join the discussion.

Features of the Google Meeting app
Hand raising

Google Meeting is introducing the button ‘raise hand’. It is used to make a smooth conversation between people with questions or something to stay.

Customizable backgrounds

You can easily blur out your knowledge or replace it with an image in Google Meeting. It will help bring the focus of your team to the meeting room.

Meet reports extension

Now, track more video meeting activities in your organization using Google Meetings.

Breakout Rooms

It will split into smaller groups for specific discussions in the Meeting. These features are better for organizing workshops and training through video conferencing.

Questions and Answers

Providing these channels will help to ask questions in the conversation. And also to give answers in Google Meetings.


Google Meeting is launching an option to engage more participants and make it easier to take quick decisions by starting a video call.

Recent features of the Google Meet application

Google Meet can maintain the bug fixing and also performance more the improvements.
In the Google Meet application, the login member can use the option of dial-in numbers for any session.
Google Meet features are coming in the Duo application, where users can instantly schedule video conferences and video calling to connect with a person or group.
Recently, the Duo app has upgraded to Google Meet, one single video communications service across Google that is available to everyone at no fee.
Google rivals developed the Meet platform as video telephony services and applications such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
It Launched and was invite-only in February 2017; its userbase has increased public in March 2017, and it rose by more than 30 times in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pros of Google Meet App:

  •  This app is suitable for communicating with clients, friends, and family.

  • Video conferencing app

  • Mainly used for education purposes

  • Easily used for the team meeting

  • any user can create a link from the Meeting and hold its friction.

  • The app will be available on the play store and app store.

  • Google Meet application capacity tops out at 250 members in the Meeting.

  • Google Meet allows up to one hour for group meetings for a free plan.
Cons of Google Meet App:

  •  It is possible in private messaging with participants.

  • Personalization of the organization of the camera screen is present in the call.

  • It is available in recordings.

  •  There are several participants.

  • In the free version, there are limited features.

  • Sometimes, the browser freezes problems.

  • Screen sharing restrictions.

    How to download Google Meet for Android Devices
  1. The steps that need to follow to download the Google Meet application on the android device is a given below.
  2. Open the play store on the mobile phone.
  3. Then search by tapping the Google Meet application.
  4. Then you will display the application of Google Meet.
  5. Download the application to the device.
  6. Complete the installation and login with the necessary email and name details; now, the user can start or join a meeting.