Play store

Technical information on the Google play store
Application Google play store
Developer(s) Google
Initial release October 22, 2008; 13 years ago
Platform Android, Android TV, Wear OS,
Chrome OS, web
Digital distribution, App store,
Mobile game store, Videos on demand, eBook store


About Google Play

Play store is also known as google play store. It was formed for the Android market, and a digital distribution service is operated and developed by Google.
Paly store serves as the official app store, and it is available on all certified devices on the android application and in chrome. All the users can download and browse the applications developed with the android software development and published through google. Play store is also a digital media store offering games, music, books, movies and television programs. Information purchased on google play, movies and TV and google playbooks can be obtained on a web browser and through android and iOS apps.

Change play store notification settings:
  1. Click on the profile picture and the settings option at the top right corner.
  2. Select the general solution, and the notification should be there.
  3. You need to enable notifications for your account to be updated and available for updates or installation. There is an additional option for a preregistered app or game launches, and also it deals with promotions notifications.
How to Change play store download settings:
  1. There are two download settings in the play store. Give click on the profile again and go to settings. You need to click on the download settings in the network preferences section.
  2. The first preference is app download. You need to set this to only download apps in a wi-fi connection, over any network, and ask when you choose to download the app.
  3. The second preference is auto-updated apps. The first is to download over any connection, the second is under wi-fi only, and the third is to turn off auto-updated entirely.
  4. When it isn’t a download setting, you could additionally flip off auto-play motion pictures on this part of the menu. Doing it in the order, it’s a waste of data.
You can change your play store theme:
  1. Give a click on the profile picture button and select settings.
  2. And give a general solution to expand it, and select the theme option. In this, you will find light, dark and system themes. The first two are common; which one do you like it? The system theme makes play store or light based on device themes.
Pros of Google Play App:

  • The Google play store has many services such as Books, Videos, Music, and Movies section, and you can enjoy HD quality content at low prices.

  • Play store is a safe place to trade with strict policies for developers. Only some people can go and add their apps for customers. It has specific criteria based on which this app will evaluate before being hosted for customers.

  • If you are a developer or a consumer, buying services from the play store is a few hassles. Purchasing a subscription is an easier way and also less than Apple Store.

  • Google is a trusted platform for legit app developers and gets them the opportunity to earn. These app takes 30% of apps & in-app purchases, while 70% of the payment goes to the developers and recently halved its cut to 15% in 2021.

  • Most mobile apps on the Google android app store are free for download by users.

  • Google app store only allows good businesses and companies to reach their right audience through mobile apps.

  • UI is easy and very comfortable for most compared to other stores.
Cons of Google Play App:

  • This application does not allow apps from outside the source, making you decide to allow apps from other sources on your smartphone.

  • If you require a valid Google account to access the content on the Google play store, it is compulsory and cannot work without a Google account.

  • If you have a limited data pack & suddenly switch on your data, you will get backgrounds as updated and downloads, and it consumes more RAM of your smartphone, making it slower.

  • These play stores also often suggest unrelated and mostly paid options that increase sales instead of satisfying users. Many suggestions are irrelevant.
How do I create a new Google account on Android?
  1. You can go to the Google Account sign-in page.
  2. Then click and create a Google account.
  3. Enter your name.
  4. In the “username” field, give your username.
  5. Next, enter and confirm your password. For suggestion: When entering your password on mobile, the first letter should be case-sensitive.
  6. Click next. An optional: Add and verify a phone number for your account.