Technical Information
Developer(s) Google
Initial release May 15, 2013; 9 years ago
Platform Android, iOS, web
Successor Google chat
Google meet
Available in 36 languages
Type Communication software
License Freeware
Android 17.0.145656208/ February 1, 2017
iOS 36.1/ November 12, 2020


About Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a communications service platform that allows people to initiate and participate in group text, voice or video chats. Hangouts applications are built into Google and Gmail, and mobile applications are available for iOS and Android devices.
The Google Hangouts app is also a valuable and cost-effective collaboration platform for enterprise customers. Hangouts also have an option known as the Google Hangouts application on Air, which allows Google+ users to broadcast video calls live for YouTube.
Google hangouts replaced the old version of chat capability built by Google+, Gmail, and the standalone Google talk app. Spots can also integrate with Google Voice, users allowing service to make free of cost for domestic phone calls from their computing devices.

Features of Hangouts:

In the VoIP calls and free video, there is competition between Skype, mobile chat applications are Viber or LINE, and Hangouts, the offer good views.

Register your call or Conference on YouTube:

As its name suggests, video conferencing is live on YouTube. To the privacy settings, you must significantly restrict access to your video conference.

A mini control room in real-time:

The tool has already been gotten en masse by YouTubers and other podcasters worldwide because it severely reduces post-production work.

Manage your Circles to launch calls quickly:

To use this VoIP service constructively, you need well-organized Google+ circles, which will significantly save you time. If you often have video conferences with a group of friends or colleagues, consider generating a process so you can start the conversation quickly and without adding the participants.

Schedule your Hangout times:

It is likely to create an upcoming Google+ event and invite all participants for a video conference in advance. Then, the Google+ notifications system keeps you informed of developments related to the event.

Applications and games of Hangouts:

To use them, download the module corresponding to the service. The icons can be added to the control center on the left side of the screen and have been viewed by all participants in the video call.

Collective working through Hangouts and also Docs:

If screen sharing has become a quality function over time for all video conferencing services, collaborative working is different. Google Docs points out where services like Skype can’t even compete.

Watch YouTube videos with others:

YouTube Hangouts is another app that’s checking out. It can get a video in a window in the center of the call, making the video visible to all participants.
Google has made good features, while video conferencing, muting the mike boom of your contacts as soon as the video starts to perform. Search for the video using the web browser to see a clip or the most updated trailer. Add it to the playlist module.

Change the bandwidth:

To correct the annoying side-effect, click the internet connection symbol between the annoying side-effect, and check and click the internet connection symbol between the cogwheel settings icon and the disabling webcam icon.

Shuffle button for Hangouts effects:

You can or can not remember the famous MSN winks, but Google Hangouts has full of animations that are just as funny as kitsch.
Google hangouts have a few more things that some of the other VOIP services offer, and if you are tired of plain old Skype, make sure to give Hangouts a spin.

Pros of Google Hangouts App:

  • hangouts are Easy to use

  • spots are also utilized for Group chats

  • form hangouts, you can get contacts from social media pages and your phone

  • Video message contacts.
Cons of Google Hangouts App:

  • Takes up space on the device

  • Updates often.

You can use the hangouts differently as a video conferencing tool and reach an external audience. Hangouts are not just video marketing; hangouts video conferencing is also about saving costs and better prices.
Employee engagement: with hangouts, you can connect with employees, particularly those who might work remotely.

Client consultations:

it is an easy way to speak face-to-face with clients.

Product Demonstrations:

video is a great way to show product benefits, but the results can be recorded, saved and published elsewhere.

Customer Support:

solve problems one-to-one or one-to-many, and be able to save and re-publish those answers to cut support costs in the future.

Interview meeting:

you can share live video interviews with influential people inside or outside of your company, with the ability to use the results on YouTube, your website, etc.


You offer a forum for potential customers, information or training.



Few people don’t have a Google account, and it’s not difficult to join Hangouts as a guest. Computers, Android, and iOS devices may all use it.


video conferencing and potential business partners. Integrating with Google+ means it can access their contact details via the social network.


As a result, you not only get the potential audience from both properties but also have a hosted archive video that can then be edited and shared externally on your website, social networks, etc.

Low cost-

Running a Google Hangout requires a device with a webcam and microphone.


By providing information, demonstrations, and training, you can promote your business without needing to give discounts or free products.