Technical information on LinkedIn:
Application LinkedIn
Type of site Subsidiary
Type of site Professional network service
Available in Multilingual (24)
CEO Ryan Roslansky
Key people Melissa Selcher (CMO)
Raghu Hiremagalur (CTO)
James Chuong (CFO)
Jeff Weiner (Executive Chairman)
Founded May 5, 2003
Industry Internet
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California, U.S.
Founder(s) Reid Hoffman
Eric LY
Current status Active
Advertising AdSense


About LinkedIn application

The largest executive network on the Internet is called LinkedIn. LinkedIn can help you identify the ideal job or internship, establish and strengthen professional connections, and get the knowledge you need to further your career. You can access LinkedIn via a desktop computer, a mobile device running the LinkedIn app, a mobile web browser, or the LinkedIn Lite Android app.
Advantage of your experience, abilities, and education, a complete LinkedIn profile can help you search with prospects.
LinkedIn allows you to write articles, join groups, submit images and videos, and plan offline events.

Features of the LinkedIn application

Hide your connections

You have to control how public or private your connections are and whether or not other relationships in your network may see them.

Save your searches

Select the Save search option after searching to access it later easily. Additionally, you can opt-in to get emails on a weekly or monthly basis from LinkedIn if a new network member or position meets your saved search criteria.

Add media files to your profile

Adding such media files to your LinkedIn profile’s Featured, Education, and Experience sections further authenticates it. You can display examples of your previous projects and work.


You can start conversations with friends or other professionals using this chat feature. Additionally, a notification will be sent to your email address associated with your LinkedIn account in response to these messages.


You will receive notifications from this feature regarding who endorsed you, invited you to join something, viewed your profile, and so on.


The platform that LinkedIn uses has a job board built. They will suggest open positions to you based on your current information, such as your location and keywords in your profile. You can set preferences and alerts if you are actively looking for work.

Pros of LinkedIn App:

  • LinkedIn is excellent applicant search capabilities.

  • Leading profile tools that can make your employee stand out.

  • It is a perfect way to research job companies.

  • This application offers interest-based and also professional groups.

  • LinkedIn application is a good platform for developing and strengthening your brand.
Cons of LinkedIn App:

  • less suitable than other platforms for entry-level or manual labour positions.

  • It has pool building costs.

  • The amount of time required before you can learn how to use it effectively.