Pinterest is a social curation website where images from the internet can be shared and categorized. The site is depicted in its substance as a visual bookmarking site. Pinterest is a mashup of the words “interest” and “pin”.
How to download the Pinterest app on Android mobile?

Here are some of the steps to be involved in installing Pinterest on Android:

  1. Go to the play store app on the mobile.
  2. Tap on it and search for Pinterest.
  3. then tap on install and wait.
  4. Now you have installed Pinterest on your android mobile.
  5. After installation is done, tap on open, we can log in with google or Facebook, or you can continue by google.
  6. choose an account.
  7. write your age in the next tap
  8. Select your gender if you wish and then tap next.
  9. Select what country you are in and tap next.
  10. Select some of the stories that you follow.
    Now that Pinterest in your android has been installed, you can start using it.
  11. How do you download and install it on your iPhone?
    1. Tap the app store on the mobile.
    2. Tap search.
    3. In the search bar, type Pinterest.
    4. Tap Pinterest when it is displayed.
    5. Tap Get.
    6. Tap install.
    7. As you sign in to your iTunes store, enter the password for the device.
    8. Tap ok.
    9. The app is downloaded and installed.
    10. To open the application, tap open.
    11. Now select the stories that you need to see.
    12. Then start using your Pinterest.
    13. If you want to update Pinterest on an Android device:

    14. Open the Pinterest app in your device’s Amazon Appstore or Google Play Store.
    15. Then tap update.
    16. If you want to update Pinterest on an iOS device:

    17. Open App Store on your iPhone.
    18. Search for the Pinterest app.
    19. Tap update.


    Permissions Required for Pinterest app in mobile:-

    Pinterest accessed the many authorities to the latest updated version in Android and iPhone devices. The following are the definitions of every term.


    The Pinterest application uses the contacts option to edit, modify and remove from their friend list.

    • Read your contacts
    • Modify your contacts
    • Delete contacts from Messenger.

    It will use files or data stored on your device and may access the abilities.

    • Read the contents of the user’s USB
    • Edit or delete the contents of the user’s USB
    • Format external storage
    • Mount or unmount external storage.

    The application will access your account or profile information on your device and the identity access the following abilities.

    • Find accounts on the device.
    • Read your contact card.
    • Modify your contact card
    • Add or remove accounts.

    Additional Permissions
    Wi-Fi connection:

    The app could access your device’s Wi-Fi connection if Wi-Fi is turned on and the name and password are connected. Because
    the Internet will never be faster than Wi-Fi. Several users prefer to choose the application through Wi-Fi connections to user devices.

    • View Wi-Fi connection

    The feature allows users to save, modify, and remove from the media files and their documents.

    • Read the content using a USB.
    • Edit and delete the content from the USB storage.

    App access your device to record audio clips.

    • Record audio.

    This application is accessible to trace your current location:

    • Approximate location based on the network
    • Precise location with GPS and network-based.
    • Access extra location provider commands.
    • Complete GPS access.
    • Receive Internet data
    • View network connections
    • Prevent the device from sleeping
    • Control near-field communication
    • Run at startup
    • Full network access
    • Set wallpaper
    • Use accounts on the device
    • Read Google device configurations.