Technical information:
Type of business Private
Type of site Social news
Founded June 23, 2005: 17 years ago
Headquarters San Francisco
Area served World wide
Owner Advanced publications
Founders Steve Huffman
Aaron Swartz
Alexis Ohanian
Industry Social media
Commercial Yes
Registered Optional
Users 52 million


About Reddit

Reddit is a well-known online platform that discusses current issues, images, and pictures of everything under the sun. The company has recently launched its official Reddit app on android. Although getting to android took time, people welcomed this decision with great enthusiasm. This app makes all the latest online content available for users promptly. You can access all trending news, memes, jokes, video clips and many more on your mobile when you perform a Reddit app download.
Reddit is the best choice available to enjoy Reddit on your mobile. It allows you to browse everything on Reddit, irrespective of your location. It has an appealing design style, and your favorite theme can be easily chosen and customized according to your preference. Reddit app on android lets your numerous join communities.

You can post and share whatever you want with the help of this app. Activities that can include:

  1. Posting your opinion
  2. Sharing your comments
  3. Conducting discussions
  4. Performing voting
  5. Leaving feedback


  1. Users can join thousands of communities and share their opinions in a fast and straightforward way.
  2. This app allows you to watch using both card and compact view features.
  3. Everything on Reddit can be browsed without worrying about the location or time.
  4. More than one user account can be created on this mobile app. Account switching also becomes hassle-free.
  5. The user interface is beautiful and dynamic, and Reddit login becomes an enjoyable experience.
  6. Image reviews can be deactivated, or NSFW content can be blurred.
Pros of Reddit App:

  • It comes with a highly dynamic and appealing design.

  • The user interface is attractive and responsive.

  • Multiple account creation is possible, and you can easily switch between accounts.

  • Everything on Reddit can be accessed irrespective of the location.

  • Deactivating image previews can be done quickly, and NSFW content can be blurred.
Cons of Reddit App:

  •  Lack of proper customization features

The bottom line is that the Reddit app is multidimensional and has optimal user-friendliness. It offers excellent features that keep the users highly satisfied all the time. The opinions of these existing users highlight the positive aspects compared to the drawbacks of this mobile app by Reddit.


This app ensures that a subreddit is there about everything for everyone. Different themes with customization feature .You can choose from the conventional Reddit white theme or a dark one of your preference. Customization of Reddit can also be done with hooks. More than one user account with excellent flexibility .When you install the Reddit app, you can create more than one user account. After logging in with an account, you can easily switch to any version whenever you prefer. Keep updated with the latest information online.
When you download this app, you are creating an opportunity to be familiar with what is happening on the internet on a timely basis.