Reddit is a social news website where members vote to promote content that has been socially curated. Registering as a Reddit member is necessary to use the website’s essential features, which are free. You can download it through the play store or app store on mobile.
How to install the Reddit app on Android mobile?

Here are some of the steps to be followed to install Reddit on your Android mobile:

  1. With a good internet connection, click on the play store.
  2. Then tap on the search box and type rate it onto it.
  3. After finding the Reddit application, tap on the green button that says install.
  4. Then you get an application that is successfully installed.

Thus, you can install the Reddit app on your mobile phone.

How can you install the Reddit app on iPhone mobile?
  1. Go to the apps store.
  2. In the search bar, type Reddit.
  3. Once you get the application, then go for the get option.
  4. To use an iOS device, you need to log into your Apple account. If not, follow the instructions to get set up.
  5. Then click on the get button you will get the installed app on your iPhone.

Permissions required for REDDIT app in mobile:

Body Sensor:

Learn about your vital signs from the sensor.


Make use of the calendar.


Change and access your call log.


Make videos or photos with your camera.


Look at your list of references.


gets the location of your device.


Capture audio.

Bluetooth devices nearby:

Apps can connect to nearby devices and find them. Discover how to locate and configure nearby devices.

Additional Permissions

Calls can be made and managed.

Sporting activities:

Learn about your walking, biking, and other activities, including your step count.


Access and send text messages from incoming messages.


Get your phone’s files and photos.

Media and files:

Use your phone’s media and photos.