Technical information:
Application Shazam
Original author(s) Shazam Entertainment Limited
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Operating system Android, macOS, Wear OS, iOS, WatchOS, and Google Chrome
Initial release August 19, 2002


About Shazam

The Shazam app is one of the world’s best popular apps, used by millions of users each month to instantly identify music playing and see what others are discovering. If you use Shazam’s Android app, you will see an alert at the bottom of the main screen. Shazam will you can now Shazam music even if you have headphones. In the shazam app, the little headphones icon appears next to the “Tap to Shazam” then when you plug your headphones into your phone. The user can now identify all the music they want with less than 1MB to download the app. You can also Shazam music while offline and save your friends. Shazam is a small change, but it gives you a few steps of the headphones and using the phone’s speakers if you want to discover a new song. Shazam app is still being determined when the feature will come to the iOS app.

Features of Shazam

Search Visualization:

Whenever you would try to develop a song recognition app, you must consider the design, which plays a vital role. Likewise, Shazam and Sound Hound have animated voice recognition circles, which you can see in the image below.

Music Recognition:

One of the essential features is music recognition, which you can consider before developing one of the best music apps for Android. On the Shazam, previously, there was a menu, which was called ‘My Tags’.
It would help if you were careful of several things before heading to the Shazam-like app development for Android.

Personal Account:

Creating your account in Shazam makes sure you will not lose every search that you perform or the history of your searched songs.
So, you go through the nitty-gritty features of a successful song recognition app, Shazam, which you can consider before proceeding with music recognition.

Detail Song Description:

The older version of the Shazam application had information about the song’s artist, title, and album. Then, the music industry changed, and these song recognition apps like Shazam and Sound Hound regularly improved by improving their features.

Pros of Shazam App:
  • Visual as well as audio recognition-

    The user can hold their camera up to a poster to learn who the artists.

  • Integration with other platforms-

    It’s easy to add songs to Spotify or create stations based on them on Pandora.

  • Follow your favorite artists-

    Watch your famous singers discover new music themselves

  • Offline Mode-

    Offline mode lets you capture songs for later identification even if you have no network connection.

Cons of Shazam App:
  • Can drain the battery-

    Location is frequently used on the Shazam app, and if you are not careful, this can take your battery down very quickly.

  • Shaky audio detection-

    The volume can sometimes be an issue with Shazam based on your device type.