Telegram Application

Technical Information:
Rating 4.3
voters 2332988
Size Varies with device
publisher Telegram Messenger LLP
Content rating all
Downloads 1 billion to 5 billion
permissions Open network sockets
Record audio,
Modify global audio settings.


Rating 4
voters 7092
compatibility Requires iOS 6.0 later, along with
the iPhone.
Size 64.7 MB
version 3.16.1
Publisher Telegram LLC


About Telegram

The Telegram app is a cloud-based instant messaging service similar to WhatsApp and WeChat, focusing mainly on speed and security. It is open-source end-to-end encryption.
Its main proclaimed point was security, including chats, groups, and media are encrypted. The application can be accessed through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. The Telegram application is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS, and Linux.


New Privacy Settings:

During its launching time, they failed to provide 100% security to the users. Later, after many days, the application grew faster for the users. Now the team concentrates on developing and delivering privacy to login members and new users.

Redesigned options:

Every feature has been redesigned according to the needs of the updated versions, as the users expect more enjoyment. At the same time, they have been using it for a long time.

Create Channel:

The Telegram application supports two types of channel-Public and Private; users are free to join or leave as many public channels as needed. On the other side, private channels are hidden from search and can be entered only through invitation links.

Lock conversation:

The Telegram developer’s team has included an inbuilt lock feature to bolt the discussions with a passcode.

Terminate Active Sessions:

If the user’s phone is stolen or someone to your mobile to see sensitive information in the chat window, the user can terminate all the active sessions with just a single click using Mac, Desktop, Linux, or web client.

Pros of Telegram App:

  • Easy to use

  • File sharing

  • Instant messaging

  • Data security
Cons of Telegram App:

  • Multiple files cannot be downloaded simultaneously.

  • There is no voice messaging capability.

  • Compared to competing companies, they have a smaller user base.

  • You are unable to learn the contact’s status from this.