Twitter is a blended platform of social media, blogging, and texting. This service allows friends, family, and coworkers to communicate efficiently and stay connected by exchanging quick, frequent messages. We can post on Tweets, which may include photos, videos, text, and links.
Twitter App installation process for Android
  1. Go to Google play store. You can unlock your phone and then choose the google play store that you want. As Twitter is a popular app for the download process, there might be times twitter shows up on the first page of the Google play store.
  2. Go to the Search tab and write Twitter: If the application cannot be on the main page, you can choose the search icon on top of the screen. Type Twitter; the app will look on the net.
  3. Select Twitter and click install: App will able on the screen; you can press install. The Twitter app will download and wait until itself within moments.
  4. Open the app
  5. For these devices, Twitter accesses the email address associated with the Google play account to start the registration process.
  6. Android twitter app for phones or tablets will prompt new users to customize their profiles with brief bio-data and photos.
Twitter App installation process for iOS
  1. Go to Apple’s App Store: it is the same as for Google Play Store. There’s likely that the application would be on the entire page of the Apple Application Store. If it is, follow a similar strategy. Just select and introduce it. If not, do step two.
  2. Go to the search tab and type Twitter app: If the app doesn’t appear on the main window, go to the search function (usually on the top of the screen when you’re using a smartphone). And type Twitter. The Twitter app will look for the app instantly. A fast internet connection would only take the search moments.
  3. Select Twitter and press install: Once the app appears on the search, select it and click the install button. The application will download and install itself within moments.
Install the Twitter app as a Progressive Web App
  1. You will need to use a chromium browser like Chrome or Brave. So, you can open up the Brower, head to the Twitter app, and then login in to the application.
  2. In your browser’s address bar, you can see a plus sign on the right side. To see the label “Install Twitter”.
  3. Tap the Plus sign and click the install option in the small pop-up window.
  4. The Twitter app should open right up in its window for you.