WhatsApp Messenger Application

Technical Information In Android:
Rating 4.4
Compatibility 53345800
Compatibility Defines with the device
Size or Storage Varies with device
version Depends on the device
Author WhatsApp Inc.
Content Rating All
Number of Downloads 1 billion to 5 Billion
Permissions Access approximate location,
Access precise location,
Access information about Wi-Fi networks,
Allowed connection to the Bluetooth devices.


Technical Information in iPhone device:
Rating 4
Number of voters 186900
compatibility It requires iOS 7.0 along with iPhone.
Size or memory storage 1377 MB
Version 2.17.7
Author WhatsApp Inc.
Content Rating 4.3.


About WhatsApp

The features are developed so that every corner of the needy can be used, starting from the chats, sending and receiving. The photos/files/media, audio, and video calls, updating status for 30 minutes, document sharing, contact transfer, money transfer, and live location sharing. If you have WhatsApp on your mobile, it will help in 4 corners of your based purpose.
With WhatsApp, you have plenty of applications and features to experience. If at all a contact is causing disturbance to your account, you also provide with best solutions. Either choose the option called Mute that contact or select that contact, and by taking help with settings, drag it to the Block list. Then you can only get a message or other source from that contact.
Also, have the option called delete everyone. If in case you send an incorrect message or to the wrong contact, you can quickly delete that message by clicking on the delete everyone button.
WhatsApp is the initial application launched with high end-to-end encryption, where the users can maintain their chat privacy. In this digital developing world, this application plays a crucial role in passing any Information in just a few minutes.
WhatsApp messenger belongs to the social media platform that everyone can access and use just by registering with their name and mobile number. The difference between WhatsApp with other applications is unless and until your share a number, no one couldn’t access you. It means this maintains high-security facilities.

Features of What App Messenger Application
  1. Hide and mute options:

    The recent best feature is updating a status. It’s either a 30 minutes video clip or a photo. This time you have an excellent option called Hide and mute. The option hide is for the contacts you don’t want to see your status updates, and the Mute option is for the connections you don’t want to see their status on your mobile.

  2. Dark mode:

    The recent launching mobiles provide the default option of Dark mode, which helps you during the night. This feature was raised as the default application to avoid eye infection problems.

  3. Self-delete messages:

    This is one of the features which updated very recently. The use of this feature after a certain period automatically detects the chat conversation and optimizes the storage.

  4. Multiple device support:

    Here, the user can give the registered details to any of the mobiles and start using the WhatsApp application as usual.

  5. QR codes:

    Till now, if you want a contact number, you need to ask to send the contact details. From now no need to ask. Just open the QR code to share the contact option and click you want that set the process complete.

Pros of WhatsApp App:

  • share live locations.

  • listen for audio messages

  • This application is free of cost

  • User-Friendly.

  • Broadcast Messages.

  • Quickly delete for sending messages.

  • Mute notifications for chat messages.

  • Add chat to the home screen.

  • Mark the conversation as unread.

  • Watch youtube videos in chat.

  • Animated stickers.
Cons of WhatsApp App:

  • no virtual assistant.

  • Limit file size.

  • It has no sign-out option.

  • Deleted messages leave a trace.

  • Limit for a fixed disappearing message time.