WhatsApp or WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app that allows for audio and video calls, sending files and pictures, location sharing, and text and voice text. These app operating systems are on iPhones, Android smartphones, Macs and Windows PCs.

Steps for installation on android phones and tablets

  1. Open your android play store: The app is white and has a triangle with various colors. This application is located in the downloads folder.
  2. Give a click on the search bar on the top of your screen in google play.
  3. On the search bar, type WhatsApp.
  4. In the search results, select “WhatsApp Messenger.” It’s in a green chat bubble close to the phone’s WhatsApp icon. You will then be sent to the WhatsApp app page.
  5. Click the install option. It will be on the top right side of the screen
  6. While installing the app, the tap accepts all permission camera, Wi-Fi connection information, Bluetooth connection, and device ID and Call information.
  7. Once WhatsApp has finished downloading, select OPEN. It’s on the screen’s right side. You can now set up WhatsApp on your Android because it has been installed.
  8. Click on agree and continue at the bottom of the screen.
  9. Verify your phone number; enter your phone number here. This should be typed into the text box in the page’s middle.
  10. When prompted, press OK. WhatsApp will text a verification code to the phone number you entered. If you don’t have a phone number that can receive texts, select Call Me instead, and an automated call announcing your verification code will be sent to that number.
  11. Click the messaging app on your phone. Here, you’ll find a new SMS message.
  12. Click the new message. The body of the text should read, “Your WhatsApp code is [six-digit code], but you can just touch on this link to verify your device.”
  13. Enter your name and a picture. Although it is not required, including a photo will help other contacts identify you.
  14. To use your Facebook name and photo, select Use Facebook Info.
  15. Click Next. It can be seen in the screen’s upper right corner. You can now use WhatsApp at your leisure on your Android after successfully installing and setting it up.

Steps for installation on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone. It has a white “A” on it and is a light-blue app. This will likely appear on the Home Screen.
  2. Click Search. This magnifying glass-shaped button is there at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on the search bar.
  4. Enter WhatsApp in the search box and select Search. On your on-screen keyboard, this button should relate to the Search or Go key.
  5. To the right of WhatsApp, tap GET. WhatsApp looks like a white conversation bubble enclosing a green phone app.
  6. Click on install
  7. If prompted, enter your Apple ID password. You won’t need to do this if you recently used the App Store to connect to your Apple ID.
  8. When your download is complete, tap OPEN. It is WhatsApp’s right. This will launch WhatsApp, and you may continue with the setup.
  9. Select Don’t Allow for Pop-Up Windows or OK. You will be prompted in these windows to decide whether or not WhatsApp may access your contacts and give you notifications.
  10. Click on agree and continue.
  11. After entering your phone number, click Done. The text message in the middle of the screen should include your phone number, and the news Done should be located in the top-right corner.
  12. When prompted, press Yes. Your iPhone’s Messages will receive a confirmation code from WhatsApp.
  13. Open Messages after pressing the home button. It has a white speech bubble on a green background.
  14. Open the WhatsApp text message. You will find a six-digit code; enter it.
  15. Your name, please. Enter your name by tapping the “Your name” text field in the center of the screen.
  16. On this page, you may also upload a profile photo.
  17. To restore your conversation history, you can also tap Restore in the top-right corner of the screen. Only if you have previously used WhatsApp on this phone will this be applicable.
  18. Click Done. You’re now ready to use WhatsApp on your iPhone because it has been installed and set up!

Permissions required for WHATSAPP app:

Below are brief explanations about each permission


The application can allow the device and mail contacts to the WhatsApp application, and you can edit or delete the contact list.

  • Find the contacts on the device.
  • Read your contacts
  • Modify your contacts.
Wi-Fi connection Information:

The Wi-Fi connection will be accessible to any application because the Internet works slower than Wi-Fi. It helps out to download easily with less time.

  • View Wi-Fi connections.
Device and App History:

The application can also maintain a list of your user information in the form of history.

  • To retrieve the running applications.

Additional Permissions


The application can use files or data stored on your device and may access the abilities.

  • Edit or delete the contents from the USB storage.
  • Read the content from the USB.
  • The application can use files or data stored on your device and may access the abilities.

The app will use your account or profile information on your device, and the identity access the following abilities.

  • Find accounts on the device.
  • Add or remove accounts.
  • Read your contact card.

An app on your device accesses the options of Text messages and multimedia messages. Based on your plan, you may be charged to the carrier of texts:

  • Receive text messages
  • Send SMS messages.

The application is also accessible to trace your current location:

  • Precise location based on the GPS network
  • Approximate location network-based.

The feature accesses to save, edit and delete media files and documents.

  • Edit and delete the content media from the USB
  • Read the content of your USB.

The application uses the camera of your device to access the application abilities:

  • Take pictures and videos.

This application uses your phone and its call history, depending on your plan, as you may change according to your carrier for phone calls. The feature Phone allows the below permissions.

  • Read call log
  • Directly call phone numbers
  • Read phone status and identity

The app also accesses your device to record audio clips.

  • Record Audio.
Device ID and Call Information:

The WhatsApp application can access your device ID and phone number. In WhatsApp messenger, Device ID & call information may include the ability to read phone status and identity.

  • Read phone status and identity.
  • Read sync statistics
  • Receive data from the Internet
  • Create accounts and set passwords
  • Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • Toggle sync on and off
  • Control near-field communication
  • Change your audio settings
  • Use accounts on the device
  • Install shortcuts
  • Send sticky broadcast
  • Read Google service configurations
  • Change network connectivity
  • Control vibration
  • Full network access
  • View network connections
  • Modify system settings
  • Pair with Bluetooth devices
  • Run at startup
  • Uninstall shortcuts
  • Prevent the device from sleeping.