Technical Information about Zillow:
Type of site public
founded February 8, 2006
headquarters Russell investments center Seattle, Washington, U.S.
founders Rich Barton
Lloyd Frink
key people Lloyd Frink
Rich Barton
Stan Humphries
CEO Rich Barton
URL Zillow.com


About Zillow

Zillow is a business for real estate and rental marketplace. And it is made easier for house owners, buyers, sellers, renters, real estate brokers, mortgage specialists, landlords and property managers to find and discuss vital information regarding homes, real estate, mortgages, and home repair. The real estate search engine made a massive database of 110 million U.S. properties, including a house for rent and a place for sale also, and they will also update homes currently out of stock.
Renters with rental units listed on Zillow Rental may pay their rent online. To pay their landlord, Zillow provides credit and debit cards. They launched a Zillow flex business as a general referral-fee network with no upfront payment. The main idea is that real estate brokers participating in this have a flexible program to pay a flat referral fee when the deal closes. Zillow operates through its website Zillow.com, and it has a popular site of mobile real estate apps with more than 12 apps across all major platforms. Zillow Group, Inc. is a division of Zillow that manages a collection of some of the most prominent and active real estate and home-related websites and apps. The Zillow Group’s companies include Zillow, Trulia, StreetEasy, hot pads, Naked Apartments, RealEstate.com, and Out East.


  1. You can buy a house by seeing the place with photos and a virtual tour.
  2. Sell a home; Zillow will help to sell your house. It takes a traditional approach to help you navigate the path of a successful sale.
  3. Rent a home, and you will get a house for rent also on this website.
  4. 3D Home Tours lets you visualize yourself living there, helping you decide which homes to visit in person.
  5. A slow, self-guided tour of Zillow-owned properties. Visit whenever convenient, and use the app to unlock the door.
  6. There is a robust filter.
  7. Easier for co-shopping, tagging your favourite home features and sharing your favourites with anyone.
  8. You can push your notification when a new house comes to market and post that it has a sale or drop in price.
  9. And you will get complete information about neighborhood details, including restaurants, groceries stores, parks and coffee shops.
Pros of Zillow App:

  • You can visibly see home prices.

  • Allows immediate exposure to property.

  • You can search very quickly.
Cons of Zillow App:

  • There will be unrealistic evaluations.

  • Agents pay for exposure.

  • Replacing agents.
How to download the Zillow app:
  1. You must download the app from the play store or the website directly.
  2. Open the play store app; you will find there Zillow app click on the download app.
  3. Then download the app.
How to create a Zillow account?
  1. You need to open the Zillow app.
  2. And you will get it at the top right corner as you join.
  3. Click on join.
  4. And check the box and click on I am an industry professional.
  5. You need to choose a mortgage lender and drop it down there.
  6. And then, enter your email ID, create a password, and give your details. Then click on submit.
  7. You will bring about to enter your NMLS.
  8. When you enter your NMLS, it will confirm your name based on the central NMLS database.
  9. Then give, click on continue, and your name will appear.
  10. You need to be required to post your photo, and Zillow can be edited at any point later on.
How does Zillow work:

For sale:

Zillow can find the properties for scale by filtering them on different parameters such as agent, by the owner, new construction

For rent:

it includes all rental buildings and apartments. Also, the Zillow Rental Manager service allows landlords to accept applications and rent payments through Zillow. Whereas the service is free for landlords, renters ought to pay a fee of $29 for an associate degree application that has a background check and credit analysis.